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Josh wrote the book on maximizing your car accident settlement...
St. Louis car accident attorney Joshua P. Myers was frustrated seeing insurance companies taking advantage of injury victims. It's astonishing how quickly insurance companies switch from having the funniest ad on TV to accusing you of lying about your injuries. What's more astonishing is how compelling some of their arguments can be.

If you don't know how the system works, you're more likely to make a mistake that could cost you money; insurance companies count on it. Car accident lawyer Josh Myers has authored a book to provide you with a crash course for your crash settlement. The book not only addresses the7 biggest mistakes that will destroy your car wreck case, but also explains what to expect during the litigation process.

While Mr. Myers can't represent every car accident victim, his book can arm you with knowledge that can end up saving your car wreck case. To order a FREE copy of his book, fill in the order form below. We'll also add you to our email list so that you can receive important news and information that you may find helpful to your case.